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YA Fantasy Novels


Fantasy novels feed imagination. A hero must journey and discover what is truly important. Magic is a metaphor for power that is the quest of anyone, particularly children, who stand powerless before injustice. Imagination is mythologized as a purse with no limit or wardrobe that enters a whole new world.

Grow a Generation Fantasy Novels are short stories that embody one or all of the seven skills needed for the 21st century: innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, emotional intelligence,resilience, leadership and vision.

Isum’taq: A Parable of Wisdom Isum’taq: A Parable of Wisdom is the ideal book to curl up with the young child you love most and explore moments of beauty, truth, love, loss, and happiness. The story is a metaphor that brings to life the seven Grow a Generation skills our children need to thrive in the 21st century. Isumataq is an Inuit word for someone who allows wisdom to reveal itself and an acronym for the seven 21st century skills promoted by Grow a Generation. Follow along on a journey that embraces the wisdom of friendship and wonder. It is a journey that will speak of passions ignited within hearts, a journey that reveals a personal destiny as discovered in the gift of self.


There are additional projects underway that reinforce the passion of Fantasy Novels but sadly they are not ready yet.  If you have ideas or wish to author a resource, please see submission guidelines.  Check back soon! 


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